Learn how to finally ace the layered cake of your dreams and see the power of the Thinkific platform.

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You will learn Cliff's expert tips for building your cake business and brand, in addition to a professional, easy to follow, step-by-step guide to creating and baking a tiered cake. This course will not only help you impress your friends and family with your new-found culinary skills, it will provide a first hand look into the student experience of the Thinkific online course platform.
Learn how to finally ace the layered cake of your dreams and see the power of the Thinkific platform.

Here's what you'll learn

  • Business Tips

    Cliff baked his successful cake business from scratch. Learn his key insights to manage your business, build your brand, work with clients and much more!

  • The Perfect Recipe

    You'll get the secret recipe for creating perfect multi-tier cakes every single time. After completing this module, there will be no more Leaning Towers of Buttercream in your future!

  • Baking 101

    Learn the fundamentals of baking the perfect cake from the tools you'll need right to understanding the temperature of your oven. Cliff's pro tips will help you get started on the right path.

  • Cliff turned his weekend hobby into a profitable side hustle by using Thinkific to scale his live workshops.

    Meet the course creator

    Cliff is based in Sydney, Australia and has been baking goods on a weekly basis for family and friends since 2014. Self-taught, he was encouraged by the overwhelming positive feedback about his colour-loaded, texture-driven, sculpturally-influenced decorating style and decided to pursue his new found passion. Inspired to do more to contribute to the cake baking and decorating community, while juggling a full-time job and increasing demand for workshops and training, he created the ‘Cakes By Cliff’ Online course in 2018. As of today, Cliff has been involved in collaborations with major brands like KitchenAid, Williams-Sonoma, and Oreos, in addition to being featured in major publications such as Buzzfeed, Vogue Bridal, Time Out Magazine, and Daily Mail.

    Clifford Luu

    Creative Director & Chief Cake Decorator

    Clifford Luu

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the Thinkific Student Experience!
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    • Hello from Paddy at Thinkific
  • 02
    Learn from Cakes with Cliff!
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    • Introduction to Cakes by Cliff - Buttercream Wedding Cake Module
    • Take Your Cake Game to New Heights
    • Introduction to Baking
    • Baking Reference Guide
    • Instructional Video
  • 03
    The Next Steps
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    • Ready to start building your own course?

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